The How & Why of Good Indoor Ventilation

Micène Fontaine, April 21, 2023

Ten percent. That’s the average amount of time we spend outside.

Did you know that we breathe a concentration of indoor pollutants that can be two to five times higher, if not more, than outside? It’s true and, obviously, not so good for our health.

Frequently, ventilation is side-lined when it is, in fact, a crucial aspect of all healthy buildings. While the need for proper indoor ventilation is not new, the impact of the pandemic increased our focus on good ventilation.  The result is upcoming changes to building code standards and enhanced indoor air quality guidelines




Thinking strategically about ventilation can benefit our health. How? Both natural and mechanical ventilation are viable solutions to improving indoor air quality when incorporated early in the design process and can dramatically improve the built environments where we all live, work, and play... 

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To good ventilation and change - by design.

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