Micène Fontaine, September 8, 2022

Decanthropy. I like the name, but that's not why I was on a second call with Ian Rolston, NCIDQ, IDC, ARIDO, LEED GA. Ian is Founder and Lead Decanthropist at Decanthropy. We discussed logistical details for his Change by Design presentation but mostly we talked about the change we see unfolding in the architecture & design industry. We talked about the great work we see happening and the less inspiring as well.   

As the conversation unfolded, a pattern emerged as to what was getting in the way of positive change. The familiar pattern goes something like this: Stakeholders on a project get very excited about the potential of a particular solution. And, just as quickly, find a seemingly compelling reason (often something to do with clients) why it could not be implemented. At least not now… 

This is a prevalent and straightforward pattern. And we, humans, are very good at this. We even do it with our own ideas. We quickly find a reason why an idea won't work. It takes no effort. I should know :-)

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