• Continuing Education: What's the point?

    Continuing Education: What's the point?

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  • Texas Interior Design, Architecture & Landscape Architecture Continuing Education Requirements

    You've Earned Credits. Now what? How are CEU Credits Reported?

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  • Distance Learning

    Can I earn CEU Credits by completing distance learning courses?

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Answers To Your Architecture & Interior Design Continuing Education-Related Questions.

Introducing 3 New CEU Topics

We are thrilled to announce three new CEU topics: Modular Interior Design & Architecture, Hospitality Design, and Equity by Design. Why these three topics? After all, "Modular Design*" tends to bring up evil flashbacks to bad things in the 1970s. "Equity by Design*" usually leaves design professionals wondering what we are talking about. When it comes to "Hospitality Design*", it often gets dismissed as irrelevant by those who do not work in that field. We are here to tell you: Modular ain't what it used to, Equity is more critical to your design and architecture practice than ever before, and regardless of the type of projects you work on, things happening in Hospitality Design will seep through.

Topics: CEUs

Study Tours: Explore the World and Earn CEUs.

Study tours open up unlimited learning opportunities and are a fantastic way to earn continuing education credits. These trips are an experiential, hands-on, and fun alternative to the traditional classroom or online CEU offerings. However, much like their classroom and online counterparts, study tours are designed with rigorous learning objectives in mind. Here is a short list of things for you to consider as you evaluate whether or not study tours are a good fit for you. 

Topics: CEUs Study Tours

How are CEU Credits Reported?

You've earned CEU credits. Now what? How are they reported? To whom? 

Here is what you need to know :-) 




Topics: CEUs Reporting of Credits

Earning CEUs with Distance Learning Courses.

We get asked this question often: "Can I earn CEU Credits by completing distance learning courses?

The short answer is: "In most cases yes, but..." 

Topics: Distance Learning CEUs