Shifting Toward Shared Value in Architecture

Micène Fontaine, August 2, 2022

This cartoon made me smile because it captures our tendency to overcomplicate (and at times oversimplify things.) Sometimes things are fine the way they are.


Sometimes, however, the stakes are higher, yet we resist change. There are plenty of reasons that keep us doing more of the same. At least until things are such that we can't hide behind the proverbial "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." 

Take Texas-based architecture firm Able City for example. After decades in business, they felt there was more to architecture. There was "purpose beyond the production of buildings." They set out to change things within their own practice (that's all anyone can control), so they could contribute meaningfully, in alignment with the impact they wanted to have, and while feeding their sense of purpose as individuals and as a practice. 

If you are curious about how they are doing it and how you could do it too, then I invite you to explore Able City's commitments and check out the Change by Design session we hosted with them on Shifting Toward Shared Value in Architecture. 

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