Designed for Autonomy and Independence.

Micène Fontaine, June 30, 2022

With America's birthday only a few days away, independence is in the air alongside countless American flags. The idea of autonomy and independence - albeit severely bruised for some and unencumbered for others - is deeply embedded in our shared American DNA.

On this 4th of July, many of us will come together to celebrate freedom from being ruled by another country. Between shopping and sparklers, official parades, backyard celebrations, and fireworks we will reflect on the importance of being able to think and act for ourselves, make our own decisions, and be autonomous.

Architects and designers are acutely aware of the built environment's role in elevating or dampening our sense of independence. Some, like Barcelona-based architect Enrique Rovira-Beleta dedicate their lives' work to eliminating barriers for people with varying degrees of sensory, cognitive, or physical impairments. He - and other design professionals - provide solutions that improve quality of life, autonomy, and independence. Universal design solutions that make a difference in day-to-day life and make it possible (for those who choose to) to join in the upcoming celebration.

What does independence mean to you?


Flag of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Flag of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


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