Socially Responsible Material Sourcing

Responsible Consumption and Production by Design


June 2023

1 HSW CE Credit, AIA # DAS470-23, IDCEC # 119082

About this webinar

Sustainable development is possible through social responsibility. The long-term survival and profitability of your practice or system can be increased by implementing important social responsibility principles such as accountability and transparency in your supply chain.

Responsible sourcing is the practice of incorporating moral, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible values into sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management procedures. This method makes sure that a customer and its suppliers do business in a way that promotes health, safety, and welfare for all. This session will provide a different perspective and give you an overview of how you can assess your organization's sourcing and emphasize socially responsible sourcing.

The content of this course has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Hosted by Sameera Chukkapalli Holmes

Sameera Chukkapalli Holmes is an Obama Leader and the founder and director of Needlab, a nonprofit organization that works to solve habitat and resilience problems in cities and rural areas. Needlab works with communities worldwide to develop human and environmental-centered architectural design solutions. Needlab's mission is to research, build, and advocate for dignity in design and self sufficiency in communities. They have completed projects on four continents - directly impacting communities by working with and for them. 

She is the youngest architect to participate in “Barcelona Design Week”, and one among the three selected architects to display sustainable housing solutions at the 1st UN-Habitat Assembly. She spends most of her time drafting human and environment-centered design solutions with communities around the world. Currently, she is driven toward achieving the UN Sustainable development Goals by making sustainable design solutions reachable to all and teaching at Masters students at New York University (NYU) and Pratt Institute in New York.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  1. Describe why socially responsible material sourcing is important to the environment and community around you.
  2. Assess the challenges in your socially responsible sourcing process.
  3. Identify the benefits of socially responsible sourcing such as increased health of local communities and safety of employees.
  4. Model how to detect, mitigate and manage socially responsible sourcing for your organization or business.

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1 HSW CE credit

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12 HSW CE credits

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