Community Health Needs and the Built Environment

Good Health and Well-Being by Design


June 2020

1 HSW Credit, AIA # DAS358-20 - 1 HSW LU, IDCEC # 111340 - 1 HSW CEU

About this webinar

During this time of global focus on health, it is vital we expand our knowledge about the impact the environment has on our health. We will first look at health- and wellness-focused building standards, namely Fitwel and WELL. Then, you will learn how to find community-specific public health data and how to analyze it to figure out which health issues most directly impact your clients and their communities. From there, using performance and prescriptive design strategies, you will be able to create a cost-conscious health-focused strategy for planned and future construction projects.

The content of this course has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Hosted by Yasha Ogg

Yasha Ogg, LEED AP ID+C, BD+C; Fitwel Amb; WELL AP; WELL Faculty Yasha Ogg is an interior designer, speaker, and advocate for healthy, sustainable, and resilient buildings. As a WELL faculty, Yasha leads the movement to improve health and well-being in buildings and communities. Using his expertise in LEED, WELL, Fitwel and Living Building along with industry research, Yasha strives to create healthy, productive environments for building occupants through the design of sustainable human-centric spaces while understanding the impact on the bottom line for businesses. As such, he enjoys working directly with end-users to understand their needs to make their businesses successful and productive.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Review Healthy Building Design Standards.
  • Understand how Health Data can inform design.
  • Explore the Cincinnati 2030 District Health Pillar.
  • Interpret publicly available health information.

Entire 2024 series

$345 Single payment
12 HSW CE credits

Single session

$45 Single payment
1 HSW CE credit

Entire 2024 series

$29/month 12 Monthly payments
12 HSW CE credits

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