Climate Adaptation Thinking & Resilient Cities

Climate Action by Design


June 2021

1 HSW CE Credit, AIA # DAS435-21 - 1 HSW LU, IDCEC # 114732 - 1 HSW CEU

About this webinar

Thinking about climate adaptation is an integral part of designing resilient cities. Question is: What are the best practices to advance the resilience of urban areas? In our “Climate Adaptation Thinking and Resilient Cities” Change by Design session, you’ll learn how early adaptation planning leads to innovative recovery responses and opportunities for creating resilient cities that can adapt to the impacts of socio-economic and climatic challenges. We’ll also delve into urban health, climate justice, inclusive stakeholder engagement and gender mainstreaming considerations. As a design professional, you’ll leave with actionable steps you can take to collectively co-design, co-implement and co-monitor your city’s or community’s resilient future - by design.

The content of this course has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Hosted by Vasileios Latinos

Vasileios Latinos works for ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, being responsible for developing and implementing projects and services in the topical areas of climate change adaptation, urban resilience, disaster risk reduction and green infrastructure, as well as supporting the strategic development of ICLEI in this field. Vasileios has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, co-creation, capacity building and planning for resilient cities. Previously to ICLEI, Vasileios has worked for consultancies (e.g. 100 Resilient Cities pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation) or universities (e.g. Technical University of Berlin). From 2011 to 2013 he founded and managed his own consultancy.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Gain understanding of the global and national frameworks and methodologies to that help build resilience.
  • Learn about demonstrated local adaptation planning and implementation through practical examples.
  • Discuss the role that the built environment plays in adaptation strategies.
  • List actionable steps you can take in your own practice, community or city.

Entire 2023 series

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12 HSW CE credits

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1 HSW CE credit

Entire 2023 series

$29/month 12 Monthly payments
12 HSW CE credits

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