Accessible Architecture is Just Good Design

Reduced Inequalities by Design


December 2021

1 HSW CE Credit, AIA # DAS441-21 - 1 HSW LU, IDCEC # 115711 - 1 HSW CEU

About this webinar

This course will enable you to extend your understanding of design by learning the principles and art of universal design or “inclusive design”. You will come to think of design in new ways by becoming aware of the impact universal design has had on the past, present, and future of the built environment. We will focus on maximizing utility with the ultimate goal of looking at design projects that accommodate people’s needs, regardless of age, ability, or circumstances.

The content of this course has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Hosted by Ron Wickman

Ron Wickman is an Architect, Author and Activist who specializes in Accessible Architecture. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and in 1991 received his Master of Architecture at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He set up his own Edmonton based practice in January 1995. Ron’s interest and expertise lie in accessible design, that is accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities; he also has a special interest in multi-family housing and urban and community planning. He provides consulting services for persons with disabilities and design services for projects focused on affording individuals with disabilities greater choices for independent movement. He is responsible for over 150 new home or home renovation projects designed to accommodate residents with disabilities. Ron has firsthand “lived” experience with creating accessible environments because he grew up with a father who used a wheelchair.

He is the author of numerous articles, and two books: Accessible Architecture: A Visit from Pops and Accessible Architecture: Beyond the Ramp. Ron has experience as an expert witness in cases involving persons with disabilities and has also been a guest speaker and participant in numerous sessions focused on accessibility, innovative housing, and urban and community planning. He has also won over 25 awards for his design work.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Define universal design and understand how to simultaneously design to satisfy users with a variety of abilities and boost mental health.
  • Discover strategies to design for accessibility that goes beyond the bare minimums of the Building Code.
  • Implement accessible architecture as part of the design process right from its inception increasing safety in the process.
  • Discuss how accessible architecture is sustainable, adaptable, and flexible.

Entire 2022 series

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12 HSW CE credits

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1 HSW CE credit

Entire 2022 series

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12 HSW CE credits

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