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ADA, AFBC, CTLB, DDA, EBD, EDP, IQLC, LED, MIDA, NZEW, OIIO, SNB, 2FBC, 2HSW, 3HSW, 4HSW, #5HSW, 8HSW, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
Live Webinars Marathon

Live Webinars Marathon
December 6, 7, 8


IDCEC- and AIA-aproved
 24 HSW CE Credits

Join us in online on December 6, 7, and/or 8 for our live webinars marathon and earn up to 24 credits you need for the renewal of your .Learn More →



Designing for the Digital Age

Thursday December 06 
8am-5pm Eastern Time


IDCEC # 106498 - AIA # DAS310
 8 HSW CE Credits
 Includes 1 sustainable design credit.
 Includes 1 barrier-free design credit.

DDA, 8HSW, 12
Advanced Florida Building Code

Thursday December 6 
6pm-7:40pm Eastern Time


AIA course # DAS281 - IDCEC course # 105589  - FL BOAID* # 9878519
2 Advanced FBC/HSW CE Credits

AFBC, 2FBC, 2HSW, 12
Modular Interior Design & Architecture

Friday December 7 
8am-12pm Eastern Time


IDCEC # 106601 - AIA # DAS313
 4 HSW CE Credits
 Includes 1 sustainable design credit.

MIDA, 4HSW, 12
Outdoors In, Indoors Out

Friday December 7 
1pm-5pm Eastern Time


IDCEC # 104024 - AIA # DAS224
 4 HSW CE Credits

 Includes 1 barrier-free design credit.

OIIO, 4HSW, 12
The New Reality of Virtual Reality

Friday December 7
6-7:40pm Eastern Time


IDCEC # 107494 - AIA # DAS325
 2 HSW CE Credits

VR, 2HSW, 12
Improved Quality of Life Concepts

Saturday December 8 
8am-12pm Eastern Time


IDCEC # 106557 - AIA # DAS312
 4 HSW CE Credits
 Includes 1 sustainable design credit.
 Includes 1 barrier-free design credit.

IQLC, 4HSW, 04







This course on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is currently being developed  

 Advanced Florida Building Code - 2018 Update

The 2018 version of our 2-credit Advanced Florida Building Code course presents the most recent and most significant changes in the Florida Building Code.   

 Codes to Live By: From Accessibility to Visitability 

Clear the confusion surrounding the differences between accessibility laws, codes, and standards such as the ADA. Learn how accessibility requirements apply not only to commercial but also residential design and understand the repercussions of non-compliance in both cases. Discover how the Fair Housing Act and new Visitability codes impact residential design for both multi-family dwellings and single family homes. Whether you work on the exterior, interior, planning or implementation, you will benefit from attending.  

 Designing for the Digital Age

The digital age is here and it is fundamentally reshaping the built environment and dramatically changing your client’s needs and expectations. Regardless of the type of spaces or buildings you design, the challenge of weaving our technology-enabled lives into the design is becoming the new normal for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and urban planners. We are witnessing the evolution of the digital age with a flood of smart and connected devices seamlessly embedded into every aspect of our lives from our homes to offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and cities at large. It is an exciting, and at times scary, transformation in which design professionals are key players. Love it or hate it, this is what’s next, and it has already started. We hope you’ll join us to learn more.  

 Equity by Design 


  • IDCEC # 106526 - AIA # DAS311
     4 HSW CE Credits
     Includes 1 sustainable design credit.

 Course Description  

Equity by Design is about harnessing the power of design and architecture to tackle societal challenges. You may call it designing for the greater good or designing for positive change. Packed with examples of socially-conscious designs, tips, and insights, this seminar is a primer for architects and interior designers interested in leading the charge towards positive change. If you want to use your skills to design ways - big and small - to bring dignity, hope, peace, equity, and freedom to those who need it most in your community or abroad, then we hope you’ll take the first step and consider joining us to learn more. Still wondering why you should attend? Because design matters and your designs impact the world environments.

Click on the video below for a quick intro about this course.

 Ethics for Design Professionals

MN-licensed interior designers and architects are now required to earn 2 Professional Ethics credits as part of the 24 credits required for renewal. Join us to earn the 2 newly required Professional Ethics credits you need and leave with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations under the Minnesota Rules on professionalism and ethics, which applies to every design professional. We will explore the link between an ethical professional work and the protection of the public, evaluate case studies, and give you the tools you need to identify and handle ethical dilemmas on your projects and in your firm.   

 Hospitality Design


  • AIA # DAS319 - IDCEC # 107647
     4 HSW CE Credits
     Includes 1 barrier-free design credit.

 Course Description  

The world of hospitality is changing - a lot - and many of the trends in hospitality design are crossing over into commercial and residential design. Join us as we explore how to create experiential spaces that reflect and connect with their local communities. Find out how to take wellness out of the spa and combine it  with biophilic design to create healthy spaces throughout the entire building. Learn how to create spaces that are safe, welcoming, and truly accessible for everyone and how technology is reshaping the guest experience. Be our guest, join us to learn more.

Click on the video below for a quick intro about this course.

 Improved Quality of Life Concepts 

Join us to learn how quality of life concepts related to air, heat, sound, and accessibility can help you improve the quality of life of all users in any building environment. In this information-packed seminar, you will learn how floor heating and sound reduction contribute to overall wellness. You will also learn what you can do to improve indoor air quality, increase accessibility, and allow for aging in place. If accessibility, health, energy-efficiency, and comfort are important to your clients, then this seminar is for you.    

 LED: Lighting the Way Sustainably

LEDs are fast becoming the dominant lighting technology. Learn what you need to know about LEDs including their environmental impact, color, and control issues, and most importantly how to incorporate them into your designs for maximum impact. Get inspired as you discover the latest and fast-evolving technologies of Organic LEDs and Smart Textiles. Not since the tungsten filament was introduced 100 years ago has there been such a rapid and widespread revolution in lighting technology. With so much to learn, there is no time to waste. Join us!  

 Modular Interior Design and Architecture


  • IDCEC # 106601 - AIA # DAS313
     4 HSW CE Credits
     Includes 1 sustainable design credit.

 Course Description  

How fast do you think a 328-foot skyscraper can be constructed? Would you believe 360 hours? Now, what about transforming an entire room in just 30 seconds? That’s the power of 21st-century modular interior design and architecture. You might also be surprised to find out how sustainable the modular production process is. Join us to learn how modular design is being applied to just about everything in our built environment from skyscrapers to apartments and incredibly innovative single-family homes that are healthier and safer. Find out how changing lifestyles are contributing to the explosion in prefab and how modular furnishings and finishes improve the welfare of our clients and allow for infinite customization using the power of the module. 

Click on the video below for a quick intro about this course.

 Net Zero Water & Energy 

What is a Net Zero Energy and Water? Why should you care?

Well for one, new federal mandates will be coming into play very soon that will create enormous changes. Also, global demand for energy is rising at exponential rates as it becomes even more scarce and expensive.

Net zero design allows you to create buildings that have lower energy demands and can generate their own energy requirements on site. Sounds great right? This course will give you some of the basics for how to go about adding net zero features to your projects to create better structures, happier clients and a better world.

When it comes to net zero water, according to the United Nation, “two out of three people in the world will be facing water shortages by 2025.” All the water that is currently on the planet is all there will ever be and it is forecast that more wars will be fought over water than over oil.

Net Zero Water is going to become the new normal. So how can you increase water efficiency in your designs or how you could even create new ways of thinking about design to reduce fresh water usage? Join us to learn how and also what some of the regulatory issues that may be a challenge to true net zero.  

 Outdoors In, Indoors Out: Blurring the Lines

For most of history, mankind has lived in harmony with the rhythm of nature.  However, we now spend 90% of our time indoors. The result of this disconnect has proven to affect both our physical and mental health. Throughout this 4-hour course, we examine the use of lighting, finishes, materials, and design principles at large to bring the outdoors to the interior and vice versa. We examine how to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces to create healthy, safe, comfortable and barrier-free indoor and outdoor living environments.  

 Small is the New Big 

Going small is really big right now but what are the different ways in which people are embracing this new philosophy? Learn about the different types of structures, how they are being used, who is using them and how you can effectively design for this new lifestyle. You will learn about related Health, Safety and Welfare considerations as well as relevant Sustainable Design issues.  

Lynne Wilkinson, RID, NCIDQ, NAHB, is Principal Interior Designer for the firm Draco Designs based in Austin TX. Her passion for design developed during 12 years working and traveling abroad in over 150 countries studying and lecturing on the art, architecture, and history of hundreds of cultures. These influences fused with an innate artistic aesthetic and technical abilities allow Lynne to create and oversee unique designs that are as individual as the clients. During her many years as an Interior Designer, Lynne has completed a diverse number of projects in both the residential and commercial fields. Her award-winning residential projects include high-rise oceanfront celebrity penthouses, private luxury homes, and upscale model homes. In addition, she has designed several commercial projects including a 20,000 sq ft tourist information center, corporate offices, and the public spaces for a luxury condominium tower. Lynne is a licensed Interior Designer in the state of Texas and holds an NCIDQ National Certificate for Interior Design Qualification. She has earned degrees from The Art Institute and The Ohio State University.

Fred Jackson, CTC, CSI has over 25 years experience in national flooring distribution, leading to extensive product knowledge and training skills in all areas of the flooring industry. He has led quarry and fabrication tours in several states for the Marble Institute of America.  Fred worked as a stone, tile and flooring contractor, Stone Business Manager for Aqua Mix, Team Leader of a national stone Importer, Distributor Sales Manager for Del Piso Tile and Brick, Regional Instructor for Marble Institute of America (MIA), and Co-Chairman of Education for The Building Stone Institute (BSI).  He frequently speaks at national trade conferences and shows. Presently, Fred provides training and consulting for the natural stone, ceramic tile, and green building industries.

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