Using Nature-Based Solutions to Support all Global Goals

Sustainable Development by Design


April 2021

1 HSW CE Credit, AIA # DAS433-21 - 1 HSW LU, IDCEC # 114446 - 1 HSW CEU

About this webinar

Cities face many challenges while trying to become more resilient: water and food security, climate change, human health, sustainable economic development and disaster risk reduction. Bringing nature back into our cities has been gaining media attention, largely due to the pandemic crisis and growing sustainability challenges. How can designers engage? In this course you will learn about the immense potential of nature-based solutions - which mimic the processes of natural ecosystems - and how they can provide effective, multi-faceted benefits to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Nature-Based Solutions refers to a wide range of innovative, cost-effective and integrative approaches to address societal and environmental challenges. This is done by limiting the impacts of climate change, enhancing biodiversity and improving environmental quality while contributing to economic activities and social well-being.

The content of this course has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Hosted by Daniela Rizzi

Architect and urban/landscape planner (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Sao Paulo), doctoral degree in landscape architecture (Technical University of Munich), licensed by the Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism. As the Senior Officer at ICLEI Europe for Nature-Based Solutions and Biodiversity, Daniela promotes peer-learning and partnerships between civil society, businesses and all levels of government to help cities plan and deliver nature-based solutions. Cities can dramatically improve their resilience via NBS to adapt to challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, air pollution, ecosystem services degradation, water quality/scarcity, fostering collaborative governance, inclusive urban regeneration and socio-environmental justice.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the concept of nature-based solutions and how their enormous potential can help us respond to a range of sustainability challenges.
  • Identify applied examples of nature-based solutions (green roofs and green walls, rain gardens, urban forests, community gardens, sustainable urban drainage systems, etc.) and understand their manifold contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Assess urban challenges and related socio-environmental effects to analyze how nature-based solutions can address them.
  • Discuss how nature-based solutions can promote transformative change in cities by approaching them with a multi-functional mind set.

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